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Clipston Elevator is a complete solution for elevator maintenance, new lift installation, elevator modernization, installation.

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Elevator Maintenance

Periodic maintenance required to all vertical moving system for its smooth functioning. Elevator Maintenance includes elevator parts lubrication, electrical and mechanical parts checking, safety inspection etc. Clipston elevator have years of experience in the field of elevator and escalator.

We provide the best AMC for your Elevator

Liftcare-(comprehensive elevator maintenance)

Comprehensive elevator Annual maintenance Contract include all 100% genuine spare parts. We care your lift with most responsive and ensure smooth moving.

Liftserve-(non-comprehensive elevator maintenance)

Non comprehensive annual maintenance contract includes all liftcare service except spare parts. We suggest you spare parts if required to change.

Elevator Modernization

Elevator modernization is a prime part of elevator upgrading, our modern elevator technology helps you to reduce running costs and increase safety measures

  • New Technology
  • Better Performance
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Costs

Elevator Installation

Clipston Elevator are leading supplier of home elevators and commercial elevators. Comparatively our home elevator are the best quality with competitive price.


Home Lift

Leading supplier of home lift in Dubai UAE. Clipston elevator are specially designed for villas.A home lift is a mechanical device that is designed to help people with mobility issues get up and down stairs in the home. It is designed to be installed in the home and typically runs on a track system that is mounted to the stairs. It can be powered by electricity or battery and is usually operated by a keypad or remote control. Home lifts come in a variety of designs and sizes to accommodate all types of stairs and home layouts.

Car Lift

A car elevator is an automated device used to transport a car between two different levels of a building, usually between the ground floor and an upper parking level. The elevator is programmed to travel up and down and can be operated using buttons located on its control panel. The car is driven onto the platform and secured using straps or a two-post lift system, then the elevator is activated and the car is raised or lowered to the desired level.

Commercial elevator

A commercial elevator is a type of elevator that is designed to move people, freight, and other materials in commercial buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, and shopping malls. Commercial elevators are typically larger than residential elevators and are designed to accommodate the needs of commercial buildings. They often feature sophisticated safety features, such as emergency brakes and intercom systems, and they may also include additional features, such as automatic doors and voice-activated controls. Commercial elevators are typically powered by electricity and are usually operated by a licensed operator..

Passenger Lift

A passenger elevator is a type of elevator designed to transport passengers between different floors or levels of a building. It is typically equipped with a car with doors to allow passengers to enter and exit, controlled by a lift operator or automated controls. Passenger elevators are typically used in multi-story buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and apartments. Some passenger elevators are also used in private homes.

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